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Leicester Winter League 2015 Round 1 Report

Round one of the Leicester Winter League ended with a highly successful win for Team Ilkeston.

The team started off with a first place win from the 11/u Girls Freestyle Relay and wrapped up the night with a win in the Mixed 8x25 Freestyle Cannon!

We dominated giving commanding displays and showing a range of high quality underwater phases and race skills. There were even a few pbs in there too which at this point of the year is really good.

Although some swimmers were racing fast, we weren't reaching some of our pbs and if you weren't reaching it do not get upset about it. As discussed with some of the swimmers, after the Christmas break it's like another preseason, we're only 12 days into 2015, so you should all be very proud with your performance!

The stats:

Overall, there were 24 first places which equates to half of the gala programme. 12 second places and 4 third places!! That's 40 top three places out of 49 races! Outstanding team!!

Last season in round one we finished the gala with 150 points so that's 78 points more than round one 2014!

Overall points were:

1st Team Ilkeston 228

2nd Burton 211

3rd Loughborough B 153

4th Oadby & Wigston 147

5th Shepshed 139

6th Daventry B 121

Big thanks to everyone that was on poolside helping out!! Well done to all teams it was a really good gala. There was a lot of nerves last night and we gave all the teams respect last night but didn't fear them. Let's keep a level head and attack the next gala with the same attitudes. GO Team Ilkeston

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