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Leicester Winter League 2015 Round 2 Report

Round 2 of the Leicester League was fantastic.

What a gala it was, proud moment as we claimed top spot for the second successive gala in the league!

Overall, there were; 25 first places, 18 second places, and 3 third places. Swimmers showed good team spirit and the team were racing fast with 32 race times faster than round 1! We were on FIRE!!

Well done to Megan Harper, George Reynolds and Emma Stallion who all made their Leicester League debuts for the team.

Individual Gold medals performances came from; Tegan Hulme (25 Back), James Wright (25 Back), Charlie Palmer (100 Breast), Lewis Wright (50 Fly), Jayne Stallion (100 Free), Daniel Sloan (100 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Breast), Charlie Palmer (50 Fly), William Foster (100 Back), Leah Burgin-Rawson (25 Fly), James Wright (25 Fly), William Wright (100 Free), Daniel Sloan (100 Breast), Leah Burgin-Rawson (25 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Free), Lewis Wright (50m Breast).

Gold relay finishes came from; Boys 11/U Free (Lewis Brown, James Wright, George Riley and George Reynolds), Boys 15/U Free (William Wright, Charlie Palmer, Lewis Wright and Jake Gaskin), Boys 13/U Free (Lewis Wright, James Wright, Lewis Brown and Ethan Hulme) & Girls Open Free (Jayne Stallion, Elsie Vivian, Imogen Marshall and Emma Stallion). Girls 11/U Medley (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Grace Pendry, Tegan Hulme and Megan Harper), Boys 11/U Medley (George Riley, James Wright, Lewis Brown and George Reynolds), Boys 15/U Medley (Jake Gaskin, Lewis Wright, Charlie Palmer and William Wright), Boys 13/U Medley (Lewis Wright, Ethan Hulme, Lewis Brown and James Wright) and Mixed Freestyle Cannon (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Lewis Brown, Emily Reynolds, Lewis Wright, Emily Middleton, William Wright, Jayne Stallion and Dalton Smith)

Individual Silver placing’s came from; Sam Stafford (100 Breast), Emily Reynolds (50 Fly), Emily Reynolds (50 Free), Emily Middleton (100 Free), Natasha Barker (50 Back), Lewis Brown (50 Back) Swimming up with 13/U's, Elsie Vivian (100 Breast), Emily Middleton (100 Back), Jake Gaskin (100 Back), Kyle Hudson (100 Fly).

Silver relay finishes came from; Girls 11/U Free (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Megan Harper, Tegan Hulme and Grace Pendry), Girls 15/U Free (Emily Middleton, Emily Reynolds, Abi King and Sam Stafford), Girls 13/U Free (Natasha Barker, Keely Woodhead, Emily Reynolds and Leah Burgin-Rawson), Boys Open Free (Daniel Sloan, William Foster, Kyle Hudson and Dalton Smith), Girls 15/U Medley (Emily Reynolds, Sam Stafford, Emily Middleton and Abi King), Girls 13/U Medley (Keely Woodhead, Natasha Barker, Emily Reynolds and Leah Burgin-Rawson), Girls Open Medley (Jayne Stallion, Elsie Vivian, Imogen Marshall and Emma Stallion), Boys Open Medley (William Foster, Daniel Sloan, Kyle Hudson and Dalton Smith).

Individual Bronze performances came from; Ethan Hulme (50 Free), Elsie Vivian (100 Back) and Imogen Marshall (100m Fly).

Something I thought was extremely impressive is that we didn’t go below second on any team relay on the night which is a very good achievement and shows the importance of team work! Another outstanding achievement is that 46 events out of 49 were top three finishes!! That is a remarkable statistic and accomplishment!

Overall, from Round 1 & 2:

First Places – 49

Second Places – 30

Third Places – 7


Round 1 Results:

1st Team Ilkeston 228

2nd Burton 211

3rd Loughborough B 153

4th Oadby & Wigston 147

5th Shepshed 139

6th Daventry B 121


Round 2 Results:

1st Team Ilkeston 260

2nd Melton Mowbray B 233

3rd Coaville B 172

4th Oadby & Wigston 143

5th Braunstone C 124


Currently waiting for the league table! Alex Middleton has sorted his table out, we'll leave it as a surprise to find out where we are! Remember, where ever we are in the league table we still have one more round to race, so when the team selections are sent out, I want full commitment to attending the gala please! Well done to all swimmers last night and in round 1! Thanks to all poolside that helped out last night, everything ran smoothly!

Round 3 get ready for Team Ilkeston!

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