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Leicester Winter League 2015 Round 3 Report

On Saturday night an excited and nervous group of Team Ilkeston swimmers made the trip to Pingles Leisure Centre, Nuneaton for the final of the division two Leicester Winter League 2015. The team travelled on the team bus, JB Tours aka Team Ilkeston Tours, and the atmosphere before we even reached the destination was one filled with confidence after previously winning the past two rounds of the competition, meaning we were top of the league before swimming the final. In addition, since the first gala in January the team had successfully put together four consecutive league wins which is no easy task!

After reaching the final last year and coming agonisingly close to promotion we wanted this more than anything! We knew what we had to do and how to do it! We gave the team talk, knowing that they could create history to become one of the most successful group of swimmers the club has ever seen. During the week we talked tactics and prepared strategically to win the league. We knew that we wouldn’t have it easy though as there was some tough competition from all teams, especially the likes of Daventry and Leicester Neptune.

When we finally approached the venue, and after 101 questions, one being “are we there yet!?”, the team marched into the complex ready to race. On poolside the atmosphere was getting fiercer, but our swimmers stayed calm and relaxed. We looked professional as we began the team blood-flow and psyched each other up ready to race in front of a packed section of Team Ilkeston supporters!

The races began and we made off to a great start with some life time bests coming from the swimmers, the standard and quality was immense. 11/u Girls, 15/u Girls, Boys Open and Girls Open Free Relays all coming 2nd, 11/u & 13/u Free Relay Boys both coming 3rd, and a 1st from the 15/u Free Relay Boys!

Gold medal finishes came from; Charlie Palmer (100 Breast), Lewis Wright (50 Fly), Charlie Palmer (50 Fly), William Foster (100 Back), William Wright (100 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Free), Lewis Wright (50 Breast).

Silver medal positions came from; James Wright (25 Back), Jayne Stallion (100 Free), Daniel Sloan (100 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Breast), Elsie Vivian (100 Back), James Wright (25 Fly), Elsie Vivian (100 Breast), Daniel Sloan (100 Breast).

Bronze medal podiums came from; Leah Burgin-Rawson (25 Fly), Lauren Booth (100 Free), Emily Middleton (100 Back).

Then, into the final relays of the night the team were finishing strong up there in the top three positions. You could see they wanted it, the coaches couldn’t breathe, they were shaking, hair standing up on their arms, hearts pounding and struggling to shout as we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Victory of the league was so close and we could almost touch it. Bouncing around on lane end, swimmers and coaches screaming as their team mates edged closer and closer to the end of the poolside in their races.

1st places from the 15/u Medley Relay Boys, then 2nd places for the 11/U, 15/u and Open Boys Medley teams, and 3rd places for the 11/u and the 15/u Girls Medley teams.

The final race of the night, the cannon, the ultimate race, the one that means the world to every swimmer! Leah Burgin-Rawson, Lewis Brown, Emily Reynolds, Lewis Wright, Lauren Booth, William Wright, Jayne Stallion and Dalton Smith all worked their socks off to bring Team Ilkeston home in second place in the cannon as we pulled away from other opponents.

It was a nail biter towards the end. Mathematically, we knew that we had won the league if we came second in the gala, but you can’t take anything for granted so we huddled together as a team and waited for the news of whether we would be facing the Division One of the Leicester League next season.

I’ve got to say that being inside that circle of unbelievably brilliant (words cannot describe how proud I am of them) swimmers is one of the most precious moments that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. THEN, the announcement came of the speakers for the final league table:

****League Points Total****

  1. Team Ilkeston - 46 Points
  2. Daventry - 44 Points
  3. Leicester Neptune - 43 Points
  4. Melton Mowbray - 41 Points
  5. Burton - 38 Points
  6. Market Harborough - 35 Points
  7. Wellingborough - 35 Points
  8. Leicester Penguins C - 29 Points

WE DID IT, we came second in the gala but because of the previous results and overall in the final we were CHAMPIONS OF THE LEICESTER LEAGUE DIVISION 2!

I’ve always dreamed of the club being promoted but until this day it hasn’t happened and to do it in the style we did was fantastic! You are all very special swimmers and I know I always say this but I am one of the luckiest people in the county to have the opportunity to coach you! The video shows what type of team we are…You have all grown from the average to Champions!

Finally, well done to all the coaching team, poolside helpers, everyone that helped on poolside in all three league galas and the parents for their support! Most importantly, well done swimmers, everyone that raced in the first, second and third round helped the team to achieve the title, without each individuals input to the team, we wouldn’t have achieved what we did!

All that is left to say now is……..WE ARE GOING UP, WE ARE GOING UP!


JC Dobb Trophy 2015 Spring League Round 2 Report

Well if we thought the first round was good then the second was unbelieveable!!! A fun and hugely successful gala packed full of brilliant performances from you all at the Second Round of the JC Dobb Spring League with ISC walking into the gala 9 points ahead and leaving 80 points in front of 2nd place in the league standings, winning the gala with an unbelieveable 226 POINTS!!!

The first round saw ISC get the second highest points total in recent Dobbs history.  The Second Round saw ISC eclipse the previous high and set a new league record as far as our records go.

Once again we had a number of swimmers making their Dobbs debuts.  Emma Wilkins, Megan Taylor, Samantha Stafford, Imogen Marshall, Lydia Marshall and Alex King all came into the team and showed what they can do with some fantastic times and performances.

In total there were:

0 - Speeding Tickets (1 in the last round)

13 - 1st Places (11 in the last round)

16 - 2nd Places (15 in the last round)

12 - 3rd Places (8 in the last round)


This meant we finished in the top 3 in 41 of the 48 races and never finished last in a race as we fought for every single point.

Some highlights of note from the night were:

Lewis Brown achieving a NEW CLUB RECORD in the 50m Butterfly by taking a whole second off his own record which he set a mere 3 weeks previous.

Emma Wilkins showing the development squad is coming on strong with two 1st places and a 2nd place in her relays.

Megan Taylor gaining three 1st places and two second place finishes in her relays as well as getting the final Cannon off to a flying start.

Alex King coming home in 1st place on his individual 50m Backstroke.

There was individual 1st places for Charlie Palmer, Lewis Wright (x2), Paige Baldwin, Emily Middleton, Sophie King, Emily Reynolds and Alex King.

There was also team 1st places for the 10/u Girls Freestyle Relay (Paige, Megan, Emma, Tegan), 12/u Girls Freestyle Relay (Tegan, Natasha, Megan, Emily R), 12/u Mixed Medley Relay (Natasha, Jack, Emily R, Ethan), 8/9 Mixed Medley Relay (James, Lewis B, Megan, Emma), 14/u Boys Freestyle Relay (Charlie, Jack, Jake, Lewis W).

It was a great night as ever and we all owe a big thanks to all the parents and coaches for helping out and ensuring the night went ahead without a hitch.


Final Gala Standings:

1st Team Ilkeston - 226

2nd Radford - 180

3rd Kimberley - 156

4th Sutton - 155

5th Hucknall - 116

6th Portland - 87


League standings after Round 2:

1st Team Ilkeston - 426

2nd Sutton - 346

3rd Kimberley - 343

4th Radford - 340

5th Hucknall - 219

6th Portland - 196

Next Gala is the JC Dobb Spring League Round 3 on Saturday 11th July at Hucknall Leisure Centre, Hucknall.

Leicester Winter League 2015 Round 2 Report

Round 2 of the Leicester League was fantastic.

What a gala it was, proud moment as we claimed top spot for the second successive gala in the league!

Overall, there were; 25 first places, 18 second places, and 3 third places. Swimmers showed good team spirit and the team were racing fast with 32 race times faster than round 1! We were on FIRE!!

Well done to Megan Harper, George Reynolds and Emma Stallion who all made their Leicester League debuts for the team.

Individual Gold medals performances came from; Tegan Hulme (25 Back), James Wright (25 Back), Charlie Palmer (100 Breast), Lewis Wright (50 Fly), Jayne Stallion (100 Free), Daniel Sloan (100 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Breast), Charlie Palmer (50 Fly), William Foster (100 Back), Leah Burgin-Rawson (25 Fly), James Wright (25 Fly), William Wright (100 Free), Daniel Sloan (100 Breast), Leah Burgin-Rawson (25 Free), Lewis Brown (25 Free), Lewis Wright (50m Breast).

Gold relay finishes came from; Boys 11/U Free (Lewis Brown, James Wright, George Riley and George Reynolds), Boys 15/U Free (William Wright, Charlie Palmer, Lewis Wright and Jake Gaskin), Boys 13/U Free (Lewis Wright, James Wright, Lewis Brown and Ethan Hulme) & Girls Open Free (Jayne Stallion, Elsie Vivian, Imogen Marshall and Emma Stallion). Girls 11/U Medley (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Grace Pendry, Tegan Hulme and Megan Harper), Boys 11/U Medley (George Riley, James Wright, Lewis Brown and George Reynolds), Boys 15/U Medley (Jake Gaskin, Lewis Wright, Charlie Palmer and William Wright), Boys 13/U Medley (Lewis Wright, Ethan Hulme, Lewis Brown and James Wright) and Mixed Freestyle Cannon (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Lewis Brown, Emily Reynolds, Lewis Wright, Emily Middleton, William Wright, Jayne Stallion and Dalton Smith)

Individual Silver placing’s came from; Sam Stafford (100 Breast), Emily Reynolds (50 Fly), Emily Reynolds (50 Free), Emily Middleton (100 Free), Natasha Barker (50 Back), Lewis Brown (50 Back) Swimming up with 13/U's, Elsie Vivian (100 Breast), Emily Middleton (100 Back), Jake Gaskin (100 Back), Kyle Hudson (100 Fly).

Silver relay finishes came from; Girls 11/U Free (Leah Burgin-Rawson, Megan Harper, Tegan Hulme and Grace Pendry), Girls 15/U Free (Emily Middleton, Emily Reynolds, Abi King and Sam Stafford), Girls 13/U Free (Natasha Barker, Keely Woodhead, Emily Reynolds and Leah Burgin-Rawson), Boys Open Free (Daniel Sloan, William Foster, Kyle Hudson and Dalton Smith), Girls 15/U Medley (Emily Reynolds, Sam Stafford, Emily Middleton and Abi King), Girls 13/U Medley (Keely Woodhead, Natasha Barker, Emily Reynolds and Leah Burgin-Rawson), Girls Open Medley (Jayne Stallion, Elsie Vivian, Imogen Marshall and Emma Stallion), Boys Open Medley (William Foster, Daniel Sloan, Kyle Hudson and Dalton Smith).

Individual Bronze performances came from; Ethan Hulme (50 Free), Elsie Vivian (100 Back) and Imogen Marshall (100m Fly).

Something I thought was extremely impressive is that we didn’t go below second on any team relay on the night which is a very good achievement and shows the importance of team work! Another outstanding achievement is that 46 events out of 49 were top three finishes!! That is a remarkable statistic and accomplishment!

Overall, from Round 1 & 2:

First Places – 49

Second Places – 30

Third Places – 7


Round 1 Results:

1st Team Ilkeston 228

2nd Burton 211

3rd Loughborough B 153

4th Oadby & Wigston 147

5th Shepshed 139

6th Daventry B 121


Round 2 Results:

1st Team Ilkeston 260

2nd Melton Mowbray B 233

3rd Coaville B 172

4th Oadby & Wigston 143

5th Braunstone C 124


Currently waiting for the league table! Alex Middleton has sorted his table out, we'll leave it as a surprise to find out where we are! Remember, where ever we are in the league table we still have one more round to race, so when the team selections are sent out, I want full commitment to attending the gala please! Well done to all swimmers last night and in round 1! Thanks to all poolside that helped out last night, everything ran smoothly!

Round 3 get ready for Team Ilkeston!

Loughborough Training Dates

ISC can confirm that Loughborough 50m training sessions have been booked for the following dates:

  • Session 1: Friday 27th February
  • Session 2: Friday 27th March
  • Session 3: Friday 24th April
  • Session 4: Friday 8th May
  • Session 5: Friday 19th June


Swimmers to be changed and warmed up ready for a 9pm prompt start.  Session lasts 1 hour.

24 Spaces available per session

£3 per session

Sign-up sheet on the notice board in the coming weeks.  Also see Kyle Hudson to secure a place.


These have been booked as preparation for the City of Leeds 'B' Grade Open Meet and Derbyshire ASA County Sprints.

Those participating in these events will be given priority over any other swimmers wishing to attend.

The Derbyshire ASA 50m County Sprints are an important competition in the calendar and one which all squad members should be looking to enter.

JC Dobb Trophy 2015 Spring League Round 1 Report

Wow!!! What a performance from everybody at the First Round of the JC Dobb Spring League with ISC winning the gala with an unbelieveable 200 POINTS!!!

To put what a huge achievement this is into perspective, I have trawled back through all the results I have since the Autumn League of 2010. Only 1 team has managed to get into the 200's at a gala in the 28 galas previous to this. The only time this happened was Round 1 of the Autumn League in 2012 however that particular gala only had 4 teams enter as both Sutton and ISC didnt attend so the winners only competed against 3 other teams. We were racing against 5 very fast and competitive teams but still managed to get one of the highest scores in Dobbs history.

Even more impressive is the fact that we had no less than 5 of our 25 swimmers making their competitive debut. Isabelle Riley, Amelia Faulks, Sophie Stone, Eleanor Higgins and Elliot Watson beat back the nerves and performed brilliantly on the night.

In total there were:

1 - Speeding Ticket

11 - 1st Places (10 in the last round)

15 - 2nd Places (16 in the last round)

8 - 3rd Places (5 in the last round)


This meant we finished in the top 2 in over half of the 48 races once again.

Some highlights of note from the night were:

Isabelle Riley competing as our youngest swimmer ever and bringing home a 3rd place in the 8/9yrs breaststroke relay.

Amelia Faulks leading the final Cannon to victory as well as contributing to a number of 3rd place relay finishes on her gala debut.

Sophie Stone getting a PB in the individual 25m breaststroke on her gala debut also.

Eleanor Higgins swimming up an age group to contribute to a 2nd place in the 14/u freestyle relay as well as being part of the 12/u free team which swum so fast they got the only speeding ticket of the night.

Elliot Watson as the anchor leg in the winning 10/u Medley relay team as well as getting a 5th place in the 25m Butterfly.

Lewis Brown and James Wright competing in 8 events each but giving their all each time.

All the seniors showing their maturity and setting a great example and tone for the night with your performances. You now look like a team that can do great things and if the first two competitive galas are anything to go by then 2015 should be amazing. The other teams are now looking at us as genuine competitors and that is a credit to the hard work you are all putting in.

There was 1st places for Emily Middleton, Elsie Vivian (x2), Leah Burgin-Rawson, Sophie King, Ben Newton, Jake Elson and Emily Reynolds. Also the 10/u Mixed Medley Relay, Boys 14/U Free Relay and a fantastic Cannon.

It was a great night as ever and we all owe a big thanks to all the parents and coaches for helping out and ensuring the night went ahead without a hitch.

Final Gala Standings:

1st Team Ilkeston - 200

2nd Sutton - 191

3rd Kimberley - 187

4th Radford - 160

5th Portland - 109

6th Hucknall - 103

Next Gala is the JC Dobb Spring League Round 2 on Saturday 7th March at Lammas Leisure Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

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