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ASA County Championships

Feb 18th to Feb 26th

Team Ilkeston had a great attendance at the ASA Annual County Championships, with many swimmers quaifying for County Times.

There was a large number of top 10 finishes, with a good percentage of swimmers reaching the finals.

The club also entered a number of teams for the exciting relay final climax.

A full coaches report by day can be found on the club blog.


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Sports Centre Leauge R1

Feb 11th 2017

Early season form continued with some strong performances in Round 1 of the Sports Centre Leage.

The depth of the squad was tested due to a number of team members being unvailabe ill. But those swimmers participating stepped up to fill the gaps.

Overall points total was as follows;

Sutton B - 143 Points

Arnold - 120 Points

Ilkeston - 116 Points

Portland - 103 Points


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Leicester League R1

Jan 7th 2017

The first round of the Leicester Winter League held at Loughborough Leisure Centre was a fantastic start to the New Year. After a year out of the League and only three sessions back in the pool after the festive period, we were looking strong, and this was with several swimmers missing too! Everyone that raced gave everything they had for their team mates and we finished in the top three in 39 races of 49 events. A total of 21 first places, 13 second places, and 5 third places. 16 individual race pbs, and 62 relay split pbs, making a total of 78 pbs on the night.

Overall, the points total of 235 on the night, which I believe is a record points total for a Leicester gala for our Club in recent times. Just behind us in second place by 1 point was Long Eaton who also swam well and gave us a close battle all the way until the end of the gala. Followed by Shepshed in third, in fourth place was Loughborough Town and in fifth place was Coaville.

Swimmers that made their competitive debut in the LL were; Amber Wilkins, Dominic Wynn, Eja Coe, Erin Pickard, Erica Beharall, Emma Wilkins, Eleanor Higgins, Eleanor West, Finley O’Neill, Leo Charlesworth, Louie Stadler and Thomas Ingram.

Thanks to all that helped on poolside, judging, time keeping, team managing and coaches.

Well done swimmers



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Long Eaton Open

Jan 29th 2017

19 swimmers entered the Long Eaton Open as a preparation open meet before the County Championships. Swimmers racing at this meet were; Alex Baldwin, Amber Wilkins, Angela Guilfoyle, Charlotte Mitchell, Eja Coe, Emma Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Ethan Hulme, James Wright, Lewis Guilfoyle, Naomi Forbes, Ollie Palmer, Paige Baldwin, Sam Hardy, Sophie Stone, Tegan Hulme, Thomas Ingram, Tristan Guilfoyle and William Wright.

In session one there was ten top three placings which were; James Wright – 200m Freestyle (6th), Eja Coe – 50m Freestyle (4th & Finalist), Emma Wilkins – 50m Freestyle (6th & Finalist), Paige Baldwin – 50m Freestyle (3rd & Finalist), Alex Baldwin – 100m Backstroke (6th), James Wright – 100m Backstroke (4th), James Wright – 100m Freestyle (3rd & Finalist), Eja Coe – 200m Individual Medley (3rd), Emma Wilkins – 100m Butterfly (6th), and Eja Coe – 100m Butterfly (3rd). There was a total of 18 pbs in the heats of the morning session.

The finals of the 100m Freestyle for the boys and 50m Freestyle for the girls were the events to complete session one. James Wright was the only boy in the 100m Freestyle final achieving a bronze medal. Whilst in the 50m Freestyle final for the girls; Eja Coe and Emma Wilkins were both racing in the 10 & 11 years final and both achieving a 6th place finish. Paige Baldwin was racing in the 12 year old age group and achieved a bronze medal in her final heat.

Session two started in the afternoon after the lunch break with the first event being the 200m Freestyle for the girls. Erin Pickard (6th), Eja Coe (3rd), Tegan Hulme (6th) and Angela Guilfoyle (5th). Up next was the 50m Freestyle heats for the boys. James Wright (5th & Finalist) and Sam Hardy (3rd & Finalist). The 100m Backstroke for the girls included; Erin Pickard (5th), Eja Coe (4th) and Tegan Hulme (3rd). In the 100m Breaststroke; James Wright (1st) and Sam Hardy (4th), whilst Tegan Hulme came 4th in the 100m Freestyle, which meant she would swim in the final later in the session. In the 200m Individual Medley were James Wright (2nd) and Sam Hardy (3rd). Closing the heats session were Sam Hardy (4th) and James Wright (2nd) in the 100m Butterfly. A total of 19 pbs in the heats of the afternoon session.

The finals of session two involved three swimmers; Tegan Hulme in the 100m Freestyle final coming in fourth place and achieving a faster time than earlier in the heats. James Wright finishing in 5th place with a faster time than in the heats, and Samuel Hardy also in the 50m Freestyle final finishing in 4th in his age group.

Well done swimmers






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Arena League Round 3

Dec 10th 2016

The final round of the National Arena Swimming League was held at Hucknall Leisure Centre on Saturday evening. It was another very competitive gala, and after several swimmers pulled out last minute due to illness, which couldn’t be helped, it did make it a harder gala than it would have been. However, with that being said, the swimmers that attended stepped up and together we raced well and came out with 4th place!

There were a total of 13 first places, 8 second places, and 3 third places.

A total of 5 team PB’s and 12 individual PB’s were recorded.

Lewis Wright achieved a Club Record in the 100m Breaststroke in a time of 1.14.02. Lewis has beaten his record in this event on 3 occasions, so far in the past three competitions!

As usual the Open Boys (William Wright, Lewis Wright, Daniel Sloan, Charlie Palmer, Owen Sheehan, William Foster) with another brilliant Freestyle Cannon at the end of the gala finishing in first place. Putting their foot to the peddle to finish nearly a half a length away from the rest of the pool!

Overall Placings; Falcon (205), Worksop (198), Daventry (183), Team Ilkeston (175), Dronfield (168), Long Eaton (121)

In all three rounds of the competition, the following stats have been recorded:

Top 3: 72 (28 – 1st, 29 – 2nd, 15 – 3rd)

PB’s: 47 (18 Team PB’s)

Club Records: 8 Records

Thanks to our poolside officials, team managers, t-keepers and coaches that stepped in to help with the running of the gala on the night!


Well done to all swimmers who played a part in any of the three rounds of the NASL!

Overall, the Club has achieved several records this campaign as described below:

  • Best round 2 total gala points in Club History
  • The highest League finish in our Club History in 8th position
  • The second highest Total Gala Points scored since joining the League
    • (Highest points total of 560 recorded in 2008)   

It shows hard work does conquer everything when we all pull together as a team…

As the Swahili proverb says,

“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing his own way.”


DASA County Sprints

Dec 4th 2016

Great day for our swimmers at Ponds Forge for the County Sprints on 4th December.

17 Team Ilkeston swimmers represented the Club at the competition and overall the day was a success with swimmers showcasing quality technique and skills.

32 PB’s were recorded during the event, and 3 Club Records were broken by Summer in the 50m Fly & 50m & 100m Freestyle.

There were 14 top three placings from five different swimmers in total.

William Wright

Bronze 50m Butterfly

Lewis Brown

Silver 50m Butterfly, 50m Breaststroke & Bronze 50m Backstroke,

Leah Burgin-Rawson

Gold 50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly & Silver 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke

Lewis Wright

Gold 50m Breaststroke, Silver 50m Butterfly & Bronze 50m Freestyle

Summer Kennedy

Gold 50m Freestyle & Silver 100m Freestyle & Bronze 50m Butterfly

Swimmers were;  Abigale King, Sophie King, Sophie Stone, Leah Burgin-Rawson, Summer Kennedy, Tegan Hulme, Erin Pickard, Charlotte Mitchell, Hannah Mitchell, Keira Banks, William Foster, Ollie Palmer, William Wright, James Wright, Lewis Wright, Lewis Brown, Ethan Hulme

Well done to all swimmers – very enjoyable event as always and great fun.

If you didn’t enter this year, you need to be there next year as you’re missing out!

Snow Frills & Coventry Open Meet

Nov 26th & 27th 2016

Another busy weekend, but this time just for a small number of swimmers racing at two different locations; Sheffield and Coventry – both Long Course Competitions.

At Ponds Forge it was the City of Sheffield Snow Frills Open Meet. A small group of seven age group swimmers spent the weekend racing a number of events, but with the main focus being on 100m & 200m distances with the DASA sprints taking place this weekend.

A very competitive open meet saw these younger less experienced swimmers thrive under pressure executing good techniques and skills. The swimmers conducted themselves professionally throughout the weekend and the team spirit was strong. Well done to the following swimmers; Amber Wilkins, Dominic Wynn, Eja Coe, Emma Wilkins, Erin Pickard, Ethan Hulme and Tegan Hulme.

A special mention for Dominic who has competed in his first Long Course Open Meet and in the process attained two pbs showing a clear improvement in skill level and his previous bests.

A total of 45 out of 45 pbs, and 1 silver medal for Eja Coe in the 50m Butterfly.

Overall, a very good weekend of quality racing!

Travelling to Coventry where DX were also competing at the City of Coventry Open. Kyle, DX Talent Coach, tells us more; four DX/Ilka swimmers were racing at the meet; Lewis Wright, Leah Burgin-Rawson, Charlie Palmer and Lewis Brown. All four swimmers attaining process bests as they played a role in helping Team DX secure the Top Club award at the Open! Well done swimmers!

The next and final two competitions of the year are the DASA sprints & R3 Arena League!

#Hardworkconquerseverything #TeamIlkeston

Dobbs League Results

19th November 2016


A stunning last round performance saw team Ilkeston win the final round of the Dobbs Autumn League and also be crowned Autumn League Champions.

The team won the round by a massive 43 points, clawing back a League point deficit to win the trophy by 11 Points.

Congratulations team Ilkeston and well done to the team managers throughout the league, Steph Brown & Martin Gaskin.

This is a great acheivement for a young team and shows the potential in the squad.



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Arena League Results

12th Nov 2016

A super performance from Team Ilkeston swimmers in the second round draw at Market Harborough on Saturday evening. It was another difficult draw with some very good opposition racing against us. We started well and made a strong statement early on in the gala, and continued throughout the evening performing well in individuals and relay events. Race skills looked stronger than the previous round and the specific skills that we’ve practised in training are starting to shine through.

The coaching team still think there is plenty more to give with just 13 points separating us from equalling the gala winners on the night. Again the men’s 6×50 Freestyle Cannon was the highlight of the evening with yet another tight encounter and top quality racing. The spectators and the swimmers roared on their team from around the poolside, and as usual it didn’t disappoint with Team Ilkeston racing to an outstanding second place, so very close to touching first.

The Statistics:

9 – First Places, 12 – Second Places, and 7 – Third Places

6 Personal Best times & 13 Team Personal Best times with a total of 33 Improvement Places in comparison with Round 1! We’ve broken some more Club History in that we scored 191 Points on the night which is the best EVER points total in any round 2 draw of the NASL for Team Ilkeston!

4 Club Records were broken at the second round draw by two swimmers:

Lewis Wright and Summer Kennedy

Lewis Wright with a new record for the 100m Breaststroke in a time of 1.14.18 beating his own record set at the Club Championships in September.

Summer Kennedy with 3 new club records in the 100m Freestyle in a time of 1.03.01 breaking Emma Hulme’s record from 1998. In the 100m Fly with a time of 1.11.67 breaking Lauren Booth’s record from 2015, and in the 200m Individual Medley in a time of 2.29.80 breaking Grace Vivian’s 2011 record.

Well done to all swimmers that have raced this round and in the last round. You are all a credit to the club demonstrating a professional attitude and a top team spirit as usual.

Thanks to our club officials, timekeepers, team managers and coaches on poolside!

Belper Open Meet

29th Oct 2016

Well done to the 16 Team Ilkeston swimmers representing the Club at the Ghoul in the Pool on Saturday at Matlock Arc. Still in the process building stage of the season there were still some very good swims from the squad, and some huge drops in personal best times, in particular the 200m Freestyle.

A total of 29 personal bests and 11 top 3 placings, which placed Team Ilkeston 9th out of 18 teams in the Top Club points placings. One new Club Record in the 200m Freestyle for James Wright in a time of 2.40.36.

Swimmers competing were; Alex King, Amber Wilkins, Arwen Moore, Eja Coe, Eleanor Moore, Emma Wilkins, Erica Beharall, Eve Beharall, Hannah Brompton, Jake Gaskin, James Wright, Natasha Barker, Samuel Hardy, Thomas Ingram, William Foster and William Wright.

Full times for all swimmers can be found in our members section.


Arena League Results

3rd Oct 2016

Well done Team Ilkeston Swimmers that competed in the Round 1 draw of the NASL held at Daventry Leisure Centre. It was a great start to a very competitive league with some fast swims from the team. We competed well throughout the gala, and the skill level on show was very strong from all teams that were racing. That being said we still performed very well, and most importantly have improved from last seasons round 1.

Comparison of 2015 & 2016 Round 1 Performance:

2015 Round 1 – 138 Points

2016 Round 1 – 152 Points

A total of 6 first places, 9 second places, and 5 third places, and 11 personal bests! Three Club records were broken during the event in Daventry.

The duo starting the gala off and competing in the 200 I.M were Leah Burgin-Rawson & Charlie Palmer who both attained Club records respectively.

Leah Burgin-Rawson raced well breaking Krissy Tomlinson’s record dated back from 2011 in a new time of 2.44.82. Charlie Palmer breaking his own 200m Individual Medley record by 3 seconds to a 2.17.44. Will Foster then went on to break his own 100m Backstroke record in a new time of 1.03.97! Well done swimmers #FastSwimming

The final points scoring was; Flitwick Dolphins (206), Dunstable (195), Market Harborough (195), Worksop Dolphins (158), Team Ilkeston (152), and Daventry Dolphins (133).

Well done all and thank you to team managers, coaches and officials!

Full detail of results and times can be found in the membership section of the website.


Dobbs League Results

1st October 2016


Another solid performance in the Autumn Dobbs 2016 league for Team Ilkeston with a 4th place finish.                   

With 10 points deducted for speeding tickets, overall positions were as follows;

1st - Radford - 193 Points

2nd - Sutton - 179 Points

3rd - Kimberley - 166 Points

4th - Ilkeston - 158 Points

5th - Hucknall - 104 Points

6th - Portland - 93 Points

Full results and times for swimmers can be downloaded below.



Note: this download consists of PDF documents

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