Ilkeston Swimming Club General Club Rules (as taken from the club constitution)

Duration of membership

Members who have not rejoined by 1st  March, or who do not pay correct swim fees for eight consecutive weeks, shall be assumed to have resigned unless an explanation is given to and accepted by the Council.

Associate Members who have not rejoined by 1st March shall be assumed to have resigned unless an explanation is given to and accepted by the council.


Any person wishing to terminate their membership of the club must do so by writing to the Hon. Secretary with their decision to resign, in the event there is no Hon. Secretary this can be received by the Chairman.

Subscriptions and swim fees

Swim fees are due on the dates specified within the 'cost of membership'.

Any alterations to membership and swim fees will be displayed on our website and if appropriate on our notice board at Victoria Park Leisure Centre.

Subscriptions and swim fees are not refundable; any refunds due which are beyond the control of ISC will incur an administration charge of £5 each Swim fees shall be payable by all participating members.

If I.S.C. council are required to chase none, wrong or late payment, a £5 administration charge will be levied and swimmers will be asked to leave the pool until the situation is rectified.


To ensure safety and discipline, the Coach/Teacher may suspend, for the duration of the activity period, any member who fails to obey his/her orders.

Prospective members and guests

The Council has the right to accept or reject any application for membership without giving a reason.

Club Trophies

All trophies awarded shall be returned one month prior to the Club Championship and will at all times remain the property of Ilkeston Swimming Club.

Any trophy holders leaving the Club membership for any reason whatsoever wil immediately return trophy(s) to the Resource Committee

Code of Conduct.

It is expected that all members will act with in a way befitting of the club.

Child Welfare;

The ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) believe that the Welfare of Children is everyone's responsibility, particularly when it comes to protecting children from abuse. All affiliated clubs must appoint a Club Welfare Officer to oversee that the procedure is followed appropriately. If you have

any concerns or issues you want to discuss about a child please contact our Child Welfare Officer – Mrs.Tracey King in the first instance.

Our club also holds policies on the following, which are available to download on our POLICY DOCUMENTS page:

  • Anti-bullying
  • Child protection