Belper Marlins “Ghoul In The Pool” Open Meet

Sunday 30th October 2022

Arc Leisure Centre,
Bakewell Rd,
DE4 3AZ.

The meet website can be found HERE.

Open Meets are graded from Level 1 to Level 4, Level 1 open meets being the highest level / national standard, Level 4 being club meets such as the club championships.

This is a Level 3 Open Meet, click HERE for a full overview of the different levels of open meets as defined and set by Swim England.

Swimmers will compete individually, in the following age groups:

  • 9 years (girls and boys)
  • 10 years (girls and boys)
  • 11 years (girls and boys)
  • 12 years (girls and boys)
  • 13 years (girls and boys)
  • 14 years (girls and boys)
  • 15 years and over (girls and boys)

Ages are at the day of the meet, Sunday 30th October 2022.

Awards are given to swimmers that finish in the top 6 places, and the events are HDW (heats declared winners) meaning that there are no finals.

The times that swimmers record for the events that they swim will be added to the Swim England Database.


Session 1

Morning, Warm Up 8am, approximate start 9am.

Arrival time no later than 7:30am.

Session 2

Afternoon, Warm Up 1pm, approximate start 2pm.

Arrival time no later than 12:30pm.

To enter, please fill in the below form. Entries will then be confirmed via email or WhatsApp message.

To select an event that swimmers wish to enter, please insert their time which can be found on the Swim England Database (link below).

If swimmers do not have a time registered for that event, please enter YES and Dan will provide an estimate, or swimmers will complete a timed swim during training.

You will also find swimmers Swim England Membership numbers on the Swim England Database.

If you experience any issues accessing the Swim England Database, or if you have any queries then please contact Dan.


Girls 9-11yrs 200m Freestyle
Boys 9-11yrs 200m Freestyle
Girls 12yrs/Over 100m Breaststroke
Boys 12yrs/Over 100m Breaststroke
Girls 9-11yrs 50m Freestyle
Boys 9-11yrs 50m Freestyle
Girls 12yrs/Over 100m Backstroke
Boys 12yrs/Over 100m Backstroke
Girls 9-11yrs 50m Butterfly
Boys 9-11yrs 50m Butterfly
Girls 12yrs/Over 50m Freestyle
Boys 12yrs/Over 50m Freestyle
Boys 9-11yrs 100m IM
Girls 9-11yrs 100m IM
Boys 12yrs/Over 100 IM
Girls 12yrs/Over 100 IM
Boys 9-11yrs 50m Backstroke
Girls 9-11yrs 50m Backstroke
Boys 12yrs/Over 100m Butterfly
Girls 12yrs/Over 100m Butterfly
Boys 9-11yrs 50m Breaststroke
Girls 9-11yrs 50m Breaststroke
Boys 12yrs/Over 100m Freestyle
Girls 12yrs/Over 100m Freestyle
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£7 per event, Including £2 per swimmer for Coach / Team Manager passes.
Entries are £7 per event, plus £2 per swimmer for Coach / Team Manager passes.

If paying via Cash or Cheque, please place in a labelled envelope and post in the club post box (next to the notice board).

If paying via BACS, payment to the ISC bank account, 80864471, sort code 20-63-28. When paying, please use reference BSC with the surname of the swimmer, e.g BSCSloan