Eckington Open Meet

Sunday 1st May 2022

Eckington Leisure Centre,
Gosber Street,
S21 4DA.

Open Meets are graded from Level 1 to Level 4, Level 1 open meets being the highest level / national standard, Level 4 being club meets such as the club championships.

This is a Level 3 Open Meet, click HERE for a full overview of the different levels of open meets as defined and set by Swim England.

Swimmers will compete individually, in the following age groups:

  • 9 years (girls and boys)
  • 10 years (girls and boys)
  • 11 years (girls and boys)
  • 12 years (girls and boys)
  • 13 years (girls and boys)
  • 14+ years (girls and boys)

Awards are given to swimmers that finish in the top 6 places, and the events are HDW (heats declared winners) meaning that there are no finals.

The times that swimmers record for the events that they swim will be added to the Swim England Database (LINK HERE).

Schedule on arrival and during the open meet


  • The warm up time for the morning session is 8am, so swimmers need to arrive no later than 7:30am.
  • On arrival swimmers will need to get changed straight away and head out onto poolside. There will already be a coach and / or team manager present on poolside.

Warm Up

  • Before warm up commences:
    • We will perform a blood flow / land warm up routine.
    • We will have a chat, with everyone together, about the competition and the events that swimmers are competing in.
  • The warm up is split into Girls and Boys, each getting around 30 minutes. The warm up will still be lead by one of our coaches, but we may be mixed with swimmers from other clubs in the lane.

Before races

  • Before each event, swimmers will have a brief with their coach as part of the final preparations for the race.
  • Team Managers will tell swimmers when and where to go before their races.

After races

  • After a race swimmers will have a chat with their coaches as receive feedback on their swimming.

Lunch time

  • At lunch time, swimmers can either sit with their parents (after advising a team manager or coach), or we will sit together as a club and eat lunch together. Swimmers will be given a set time for when they must be back on poolside ready for the next warm up.

Equipment to bring

  • Swimwear and a spare.
    • Some swimmers may have a “race suit” which is swimwear that will be better quality (and more costly), that they only wear for racing. Based on the level and age of our swimmers, they do not necessarily need a race suit and can compete in their normal training swimwear.
  • Towel and a spare.
  • Goggles and a spare pair.
  • Club swimming hat.
  • Flip Flops or Sliders (to wear on poolside).
  • Club poolside top and shorts (or suitable sportswear).
  • Plenty of drinks and snacks:
    • Water, juice, NO FIZZY.
    • Fruit, dried fruit (raisins, etc), serial bars, unsalted nuts, jelly.
  • There is a café at the leisure centre, however I’m not able to find out what they sell regarding hot meals or sandwiches.
    • A light lunch containing either pasta, salad, sandwiches, jacket potato with some fruit or snacks is recommended.

To enter, please fill in the below form. I will then confirm swimmers entries via email.

You do not need to pay straight away, only on confirmation of the entry.

Entries are £6 per event, plus £2 per swimmer for Coach / Team Manager passes.

This is payable by bacs to the ISC bank account, 80864471, sort code 20-63-28.

When paying, please use reference ESC with the surname of the swimmer, e.g ESCSloan